“KNK Tax services were wonderful and I really appreciate the level of professionalism Ms. Karitsa had. She was patient and very easy to work with.”

“Meet customer needs, professionalism, quick service, great customer service.”

“Explaining how everything works!! I learned more from you than I have ever with any of my tax preparers.”

“Just being knowledgeable enough to be able to help me get the most out of my return. I was unaware of some of the deductibles for being self employed, but Karitsa took the time to inform me of these things and others that will help me out in the future.”

“Very pleasant and courteous attitude, respectable, professional, and very knowledgeable about the service being provided. I would definitely recommend these services to others. Thank you so much for your assistance!??”

“THANK YOU for your insight, professionalism, attention to detail and the timely completion of our 2018 taxes!  Over the past 22 years, we have dreaded the task of completing our own taxes. This year, compounded with new tax laws, made the process more daunting!

Karitsa @KNK made us feel at ease, provided her professional opinions with viable options to decrease our potential tax underpayment by $28k(+). We are so grateful for the additional review and would highly recommend the stellar tax and accounting services provided by KNK!

Sincerely your new clients…
The Brown’s”